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Career Information Processing (CIP) Theory

After reading Case Study #5 it is clear that Doris’s is dealing with many things outside of her work life. All of this negativity can impact her reaction to certain situations in life. In this particular case it is impacting her reaction at work. She does not appear to realize or want to acknowledge that the reason she is unable to hold a job or the reason she has been fired is due to her negative actions. It does not appear that she has explored why she chooses to act in a negative manner at work. I would to use Career Information Processing (CIP) Theory when working with Doris. Brown (2015) explains, people develop two types of knowledge with career decisions. Those two knowledges are self-knowledge and knowledge about careers. CIP helps the individual in exploring past events and then using cognitive reconstruction whilst exploring the past events. With Doris I would start by looking at her past performance/reaction to certain events that occurred in previous jobs. From there define the problem and analyze the cause. Then I would discuss the situation she is experiencing currently. To get a better sense of what may cause a problem in moving forward. Afterwards I would want to help Doris formulate goals and determine a plan to achieve those goals. In her case it could be learning how to balance her time in order to work on assignments. As well as having better communication skills with her coworkers. Doris is in an unhappy marriage and due to finances she is unable to leave. By being able to set goals and determine if they are attainable, this may bring a light of positivity to her life. It will show her that there is a chance to move on and have financial stability.

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Career Information Processing (CIP) Theory
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