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Providing support in the Clients’ home

One key aspect of providing support to a client is determining the requirements of the individual client plan, which may also be called the care plan in some organisations. Using the individual plan allows the support worker to be prepared to support the client in ways that are individual to them and that provide safety for both the client and the worker. Read the extract from Margaret’s CareShore care plan attached and answer
by referring to the individual plan, describe three pieces of equipment or supplies that Sue needs to take on her scheduled visit to Margaret.
B: Refer to the individual plan and describe two goals that Margaret has and how Sue can support her with these
Margaret’s Goal
How Sue can support her
C: How can Sue confirm the purpose and time of her visit to Margaret? If Margaret does not seem to understand or remember, what should Sue do?
Service User
Date of birth:
Margaret Jay
12 Mar 1957
Care Plan
The Care Plan shows who is involved in a Service User’s care, the main focus; agreed goals developed together, planned actions and who is responsible for each action.
Consent Checklist
Before developing this plan, ensure consent to share information has been obtained
To ensure the Service User is able to make an informed decision about consent to the disclosure of their information, the service provider has discussed the following and secured agreement from the Service User for:
The proposed referral to other services/agencies X
Use of the Service User’s information in the referral
under the requirements of privacy legislation X
Service User’s Signature: Margaret Jay Verbal Agreement: □
Participants Involved in Care
List known persons currently contributing to the Service User’s care, including the individual and the carer/advocate and the key worker /care plan coordinator/facilitator (e.g. GP, health/community care providers, substitute decision maker, family members, volunteers or friends who provide assistance). Attach sheet to specify any additional persons.
Role or area of support
Contact phone number/s
Other relevant contact details (e.g. agency, email)
Participant in planning process (yes/no)
Copy of plan provided (yes/no)
Service User
Emergency contacts and plan if client does not respond to scheduled visit
Expected Outcome: A risk management approach will be taken prioritising the client’s safety, should there be an emergency or the client does not respond to a scheduled home visit:
1st Contact: ……Stan……Relationship: …………Partner…(0407 0500 001)….
2nd Contact: ……Miriam Powell……Relationship: …Margaret’s sister in Perth (0417 2192085)…
Specific instructions:
If Margaret is not at home and Stan cannot be contacted, please call Miriam. If neither is at home please contact the police.
Service User
Name: Margaret Jay
The Person’s Story and Reason for the Plan
Margaret is 59 years young. She was born in Campbelltown and lived with her aunty and uncle most of her childhood. She has worked as a shop assistant and on production lines. Her favourite role was working in a pet shop. Margaret does not have children but she spends time with Stan’s children sometimes. Stan is her partner. He is 43 years old and has been with Margaret for 8 years. He lives with her full-time and cares for her. Margaret has early onset dementia, diagnosed two years ago when she found she could no longer work. Margaret hates the thought of not being independent and doing things for herself. She also fears that she will let herself go appearance wise as the symptoms of her dementia progress.
Care Plan
(list in order of priority)
Agreed goal (measurable)
Action/s to be taken & by whom
Target date
1 Margaret wishes to do her own washing
1.1 Margaret will receive support to complete her personal washing, her sheets and her towels twice a week
Action: Sue will attend twice a week to assist Margaret with washing
Tuesday and Friday
1.2 Margaret will finish as much of the washing task independently as she can.
Action: Use the task list to assist Margaret to initiate and complete washing sequence. See attached
Each visit
2 Margaret wishes to retain a neat and tidy appearance by wearing well kept, unstained and untorn clothing.
2.1 Margaret will sort through her clothing with her support worker on washing day and put aside any that require repair.
Sue will assist Margaret to sort her personal clothes
Each visit
2.2 Margaret will use stain remover for any stubborn stains when washing (Support worker to take stain remover in case there is none at the house)
Support worker to take stain remover in case there is none at the house
Each visit
3 The environment in the home may pose risks when Sue is doing her washing, for example long grass in yard, faulty electrical outlets, debris on the floor from pets or other occupants.
3.1 Margaret will be able to undertake her washing in a safe manner with minimal risk.
RCD to be used with all electrical appliances during washing tasks.
Support worker to assist Margaret to clear any debris away from their working area using PPE (eg Gloves and mask).
Lawn to be visually checked for length and any debris before clothes are hung on the line
Each visit
Supporting Documentation including Alerts / Key Considerations
This may include social profile, assessments, service plans, support plans, GP plans, advance care plans, emergency management plans, screening or risk alerts. List appropriate documents and source or location.
1. Please refer to the risk assessment re environment:
· Potential for falls from clutter or items on floors.
· PPE required when dealing with Litter tray in Laundry before commencing wash.
· Visual check of lawn before wash is hung out to dry to ensure grass is short and no potential falls risks are present.
2. Please call Margaret the day before a scheduled visit to remind her of the visit and its purpose.

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