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New product promotion

Maria Blanco and her brother, Thomas, own a lemon grove in Florida. The Blancos grow organic lemons and have made some money selling them at their local farmer’s market and to the organic supermarket in their town. Recently, however, they have realized that they could make much more money if they extracted the oil from the lemons and sold that. In order to extract the oil from the lemons, however, they would need to purchase a citrus processing machine, which is very expensive. So, they had the idea of possibly going into business with other owners of organic lemon groves in the area in which they live, so that—among other things—they could share the cost of the citrus processing machine. They have talked with owners of three other organic lemon groves, all of whom would like to go into business with the Blancos. They have decided to call themselves “The Lemon Farmers”.
Question 4
The Lemon Farmers are developing a new product: further purification of the oil and its bottling for sale as a natural insect repellant. They would like your advice regarding promotion of this product. List and describ

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New product promotion
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