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Interpersonal relationships at the workplace

As a result of a cognitive bias we mistakenly assume that appropriate and proper forms of behaving and communicating in our immediate environment reflect the natural way things should be and are therefore universally correct. Even when we become aware of cultural differences, this bias often leads us to devalue others relational work style as ‘incorrect’ and ‘unprofessional.’ Indeed, the particular cultural contexts in which people are raised and begin their careers create culturally unique relational mental models.Write an essay that is a personal reflection of your experiences with interpersonal relationships in which you became aware of differences in the relational mental models of your own and those of others. How do you approach your behavior and communication when in the presence of others who are culturally much different than yourself? What suggestions would you make to avoid misunderstandings when communicating and working within a culturally diverse workplace?

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Interpersonal relationships at the workplace
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