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Unnatural Causes Video In Sickness and in Wealth

Who did the Whitehall study look at (describe the participants they studied) and what did they find was the connection between health and employment grade?
What is the wealth-health gradient?
What stories from Jim Taylor’s life illustrate how wealth, power, and status translate into better health?
What did the monkey research study teach us about the connections between power, subordination, and health?Discuss how stress impacted the health of the dominant versus subordinate monkeys.
Why would changes that promote greater equity (equality) translate into population health improvements?
What are some of the chronic stressors mentioned in the film that affect our health? (list 5)
Discuss how societal forces create and reinforce the stressors you listed above?
What additional set of stressors might racism impose?


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Unnatural Causes Video In Sickness and in Wealth
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