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Food Waste Essay

So basically just write an essay on food waste, I already have some rough outline paragraphs that you can use, feel free to revise it or delete it.

Intro (just a little bit)

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Food Waste Essay
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Food waste is one biggest food-related problem in the world: it is not just that food to be thrown away so that it can be termed as food loss; excess consumption of food is also among the many ways of food waste; climate change is also a major contributor to food waste. We, therefore, conclude that we have a lot of food-related problems and also a lot of impact on the same.

I already have three body paragraphs as rough draft:

The importance of this topic is that you will save economically and also environmentally. As a result of this, there will be improved living standards. The affected people by food loss and food wastage are the people themselves and the environment in general. In developing countries, a lot of people will die of hunger if there is a lot of food wastage. If there will be no changes implemented to curb the same, there will be likely to have a shortage of food leading to hunger. As a result of hunger, productions toward the growth of the economy will (Stancu, and Liisa pg7-17).

The problem of food loss can be solved in a variety of way. The ways include; creating awareness on the importance of not wasting food, the government an NGO coming up with strategies on how to bring a new method of storing foods when it is in pretty. In m own opinion, creating awareness is the best method to use since it is cheap and reliable. It is through this method that the government and other NGO should use to curb the issue of food loss. We, therefore, conclude that food loss being a major food problem, we can curb the same by creating awareness among people about the importance of avoiding food loss. If this is done in the near future, there can be an assurance of zero or close to zero food loss (Stancu, and Liisa pg7-17).

Food waste is responsible for 8% percent of global emissions, and although that doesn’t sound like a lot, if we could cut that total in half or even more, I firmly believe that we, as humans, will become more sustainable. thus making Earth cleaner. In low-income countries, food waste is practically nonexistent, and when it is, it is unintentional because of the means of keeping produce and other perishables fresh. In countries with higher incomes, like the United States, food waste is commonplace. Whether it’s due to portion sizes, quality control, or simple neglect, it happens every single day, even within an ordinary home. Also, it isn’t just about food being wasted. The resources such as packaging, farming, shipping, water, and all of the manpower to make the food we eat is a depletion of everything that makes the world go round and must not be taken for granted.

Sources that you have to use:

Aschemann-Witzel, Jessica, et al. “Consumer-related food waste: Causes and potential for action.” Sustainability 7.6 (2015): 6457-6477.

Stancu, Violeta, Pernille Haugaard, and Liisa Lähteenmäki. “Determinants of consumer food waste behaviour: Two routes to food waste.” Appetite 96 (2016): 7-17.


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