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Workplace violence

The assignment is based on this scenario:

You are a manager/supervisor in a company or organization in your desired future industry. At a recent staff meeting the decision maker within your company/organization (Vice President, Captain, Director, etc) stated that he/she is aware of the negative publicity the company/organization has received due to an issue covered in the media.

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Workplace violence
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The decision maker wants to implement some type of action to address the issue and asks you to prepare a report that includes an analysis of the situation, recommendations to address/resolve/prevent the issue, and a visual aid.

In order for you to complete this assignment you will need to conduct some research about the issue (causes, prevalence, statistics, liability/costs) and methods to address/remedy/prevent the issue.

Your research should include: at least FOUR scholarly/trade journal articles (use library electronic databases) and at least THREE Internet sources.

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