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PICO and EBP Process

Please provide references and in-text-citation

Using the format outlined on the PICO reference page in the Nursing Reference Center design your own question. (This may be related to something you are familiar with, or something you imagine to be an issue in nursing. It is BEST if you keep it simple!)
Next research reliable data bases or websites and find three articles that are related to your PICO (these MUST BE referenced on your reference page).
Analyze the articles – write one paragraph about the similarities and/or differences in the articles related to your PICO.
Your Essay should be outlined by using steps 1-3 of the EBP process.

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PICO and EBP Process
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Module 08 Written Assignment – PICO(T) and EBP

Points/Grading Rubric:



Create a question using PICO format


Identify three reliable sources of information related to your PICO


Discuss similarities and differences related to your PICO


Grammar, APA and Organization





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