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Folk healing practice: Hispanic and Latino Populations

(1) Read chapter 5 and pages 103-104 in required Complementary and Alternative Therapies (Fountaine) bookand the following articles:


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Folk healing practice: Hispanic and Latino Populations
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Curanderismo: Traditional Healing in Mexico


(2) Assignment: Develop an educational board, pamphlet, or PowerPoint in which you (1) describe the history of healing in Hispanics, give examples of folk healing in their culture, and describe implications and methods for cultural competency in the Hispanic population. If you choose the PowerPoint you may post as an attachment, otherwise, post a picture of your (1) your assignment (board or pamphlet) and (2) you with your assignment. Please be creative and include artwork/pictures, etc on your assignment.

Potential +1-5 (teacher discretion!) bonus points for successful completion!

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