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Organizational Structure

You are a program manager for a homeless shelter in Detroit, MI, and you are asked to design an organizational chart for your newly assigned supervisors You report to the head of the shelter. As a program manager you oversee volunteers and the staff assigned to the program. You have ten full time staff members and about 25 volunteers who are responsible for securing supplies and donations, community outreach, and working directly with the homeless to ensure they are taken care of. There are two assigned supervisors that will assist you in the oversight of the shelter.

You will be presenting this chart at next month’s staff meeting. In preparation for the meeting you will be submitting a memo to your boss addressing these items (be sure to include the organizational chart in the memo):

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Organizational Structure
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List the positions on the chart and create a chain of command.
After you have created your organizational chart, write a summary of how these positions fit into the overall functioning of the organization.
Explain why this structure would lead to a positive and productive organizational culture.
Your two-to-three-page memo must support your claims by utilizing at least two references beyond the textbook and be formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements

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