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Cultural differences in usability testing

Summarize each of the assigned readings (all on Canvas homepage and linked here):

PDF: “Evaluating the Usability of Artifacts” by Barbara Mirel Preview the document
Word DOC: “Setting Up a User Test” by Jeff JablonskiPreview the document
URL: “Usability Testing by People with Disabilities: Some Guerrilla Tactics” by Mary Hunter UttPreview the document
URL: “Cultural Differences in Usability Testing Around the World” by the UXalliance (Links to an external site.)

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Cultural differences in usability testing
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Each reading summary should be a minimum of 3-4 sentences.
Cite at least twice from each reading using APA format.

Note: I will be explaining my rationale regarding the requirements for these reading responses in the upcoming memo based on your feedback to me. You will also have the opportunity to provide further feedback based on this

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