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Art Exhibition Event

You are a member of an Event Planning Committee for the UIB (University Involvement Board) at university and are to plan an Event for university students for next year. You are to discuss each phase of the Event Planning Cycle. No budget…..the sky is the limit. Follow the criteria below. The assignment is to be typed, laying it out in the order of the criteria listed.

Written (typed) Portion

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Art Exhibition Event
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a.Indicate answers to the questions: Why, Who, Where, What focus, What outcomes?

b.Basic SWOT analysis – at least 2 items for each part (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat). Indicate whether the SWOT is for the event itself or UIB Event Planning Committee. Present in a table format.


a.Layout your event using the mapping technique. Place all parts of your event on the “map”. Creativity is the key. Mapping pulls together random ideas and creates links between them. This is not to be in paragraph form but some sort of visual design. It should contain all that needs to be done for your event. This is NOT a floor plan.

b.In addition, add a narrative portion that describes the details of your event. This should allow me to have a picture in my mind of your event.


a.Site Inspection – develop a listing of details that you would look at when doing your site visit. Minimum of 10 items. Be specific in describing what you will look for.

b.Develop a basic timeline. What specifically needs to be done prior to the event (6 months, 3 months, 1 month, 1 week before the event)?


a.Describe the difference between a leader and a manager.

b.Explain some of the challenges that you will face as the Event Manager for this event.


a.Specifically, how will you evaluate the event? Will it be written, verbal, telephone or mail? What could be done during the event to evaluate? Develop a list of questions that would be used in a survey, critique, etc.


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