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ELA and PARCC tests

professional development decision makers in your educational setting.

The team may include the

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ELA and PARCC tests
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principal, curriculum director, instructional coaches or other leadership position as relevant to your school.

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● Identify each member of the team by title and role (audience). Who are you and who are you talking to? (intro. Slide – break it out by bullet point.)






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● Define vocabulary and explanations that fit the intended audience. (Define any acronyms or strategies, assessment names like the ACT, ISAT, PSAE, PARCC, etc.)

ap #1: What’s the gap and how do you know it’s a gap? What data do you have? What comparison data do you have? Put your notes here: (example: low reading )USE YOUR DATA FROM ASSIGNMENT 1!

The presage of student who didn’t meet is 14 % on ELA

The presage of students who didn’t meet 24% on ELA for 8 grade

The proficient is 29% at school levels


Achievement Gap

The persistent difference in academic performance between different ethnic and racial groups, income levels, gender, and special student groups


GRADES. Summary



With Disabilities/Non IEP

● Define vocabulary and explanations that fit the intended audience. (Define any acronyms or strategies, assessment names like the ACT, ISAT, PSAE, PARCC, etc.)

● Review your data from A-Data Picture of Our School and select one indicator of focus (assignment). General overview from Assignment 1.

● Review strengths and weaknesses as identified using the PLC Continua (pp. 29-31) (discussion threads). You did this in Assignment 1.

Use Homework from week 7 for this part of the assignment: All answers to this part are in the homework!

● Choose one continuum of focus, consider the data obtained regarding your school, and report your current status in this area. Identify the main gap you are going to address. Homework from week 7 (What is the gap?)

● Align the models of PD that you feel would best meet the needs. Describe the impact or improvement these changes will have on student achievement. (standardized, site-based or self-directed) CHOOSE 2 total and explain each one. How are they going to help? See Homework assignment 7. Include how you would assess the effectiveness of the PD you choose.

● Based on your educational setting, identify action steps for professional development within the area of focus, including resources (time, materials, technology…) and support needed from your leadership team. Last bullet point on the homework for week 7.

● State indicator of focus and reason (based on Data Picture).

● State current position within the continuum of focus (Pre-Initiating, Initiating, Implementing, Developing or Sustaining).

● State the PD model you recommend and rationale for its selection.

● Provide action steps taken to move you along the Continuum toward an improvement of student performance.

● Specify areas of need (resources and support) necessary for successful implementation.


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