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Social Media Content and Strategy Analysis of Supreme

Please first analyze the three aspects of Supreme:

1. Visual Design

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Social Media Content and Strategy Analysis of Supreme
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  • What consistencies (or inconsistencies) can you see in the visual design of content campaigns?
  • What consistencies (or inconsistencies) are evident in the creator’s visual design across different campaigns/platforms/etc.?
    • Do they use similar fonts/colors/visual designs/branding, etc.?
  • What do these choices accomplish?

2. Platforms & Algorithms: Website, Instagram, Facebook of Supreme

  • How does content and strategy change across platforms?
  • Do some research on the algorithms of the platforms the creator uses (socialmediatoday.com is a good source)
  • How is the creator optimizing their content for the algorithms of the platform?
  • What opportunities are they missing to optimize their content?

Then write a brief analysis about Abilities and Limitations of Platforms and Genres of Supreme (> 400 words)

The following questions can help you get a start on the main goal of abilities and limitation of platforms, which is to explore what things can and can’t do, or, in other words, to explore the abilities and limitations of platforms and genres; you read about some similar ideas in the Gillespie article about platforms mattering:

  • What are the typical ways people communicate on the different platforms you explored?
  • What affordances do the platforms you studied have? In other words, what do they allow you to do?
  • What constraints/limitations do the platforms you studied have? In other words, what do they not allow you to do?
  • Do you ever wish that these platforms had capabilities that they don’t? What are they and why?
  • Other thoughts, realizations, questions that you have after working on this project?



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