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Personal Identity

For this homework, you need to do the following: 1. Watch the videos, 2. write a 150-word summary of each video (300 words total), 3. complete the reading, and 4. answer the reading questions.
1. Watch the videos:
2. Write a 150-word summary of each video (300 words total) highlighting the main points.
3. Complete the reading (all the way through night 3 – the doc says not to read past night 2, but just ignore that):
Perry a dialogue concerning personal identity and immortality.pdfPreview the document
4. Answer the reading questions. I’ve included both a doc and pdf version for your convenience
please number each answer
20190303135346perry_a_dialogue_concerning_personal_identity_and_immortality (1)
20190303135348reading_questions_perry_dialogue_on_personal_identity_and_immortality (1)


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Personal Identity
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