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Social media-Annotated Bibliography

annotated bibliography, 2 pages need find 5 sources.

This is the requirement:

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Social media-Annotated Bibliography
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Part A

Provide three sources that are useful to your research into your topic.

– At least two of your sources must be peer-reviewed.

– At least one of your sources must be a “negative” source. This means that you disagree with the findings or the logic of the article.

Each of your sources should be cited in the APA style. You should also provide a short paragraph for each of your sources as to why they are suitable for your work.

Part B

Provide two sources that you might use in your paper. At least one of these sources must be peer reviewed. Sources must be listed in the APA style. Provide a paragraph for each source for why you may or may not use them.

topic is Is social software a necessity for young people today?


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