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Discussion Post Responses

1. Aphrodite Mastrovasilis

1. National Health priorities are determined by prioritizing needs and by determining the impact of the problem at hand, the size of the problem, the comparing indicators and finding an acceptable intervention. Healthy People 2020 is the different types of heath illnesses that reach for better outcomes by preventing disease, injury and death. They are to eliminate disparities and improve and promote good health. Healthy People goals provide measurable objectives and goals at a national, federal and state agency in order to reduce health disparities. The main overall goal is to improve health outcomes.

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Discussion Post Responses
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When going into my capstone I would like to have a mentor who is educating, motivating and most importantly someone with integrity. I would prefer them to be in a hospital setting of administration since that will be my dream career. I would love to coordinate all departments within a health care facility to ensure it functions as a whole and to try and reduce any and all health disparities.

2. Jaclyn Joziak posted Feb 28, 2019 6:44 PM

2. National health priorities are determined based on leading health indicators set forth by agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS). Together, these organizations work with the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP) to create programs such as Healthy People 2020 by creating health objectives that pertain to current healthcare issues.

Healthy people goals promote national health priorities by collecting data on current health issues over a span of time, generally years, and figure out what target baseline should be met. This information is constantly being revised and revisited as issues occur and data changes. Healthy people goals can be used to target specific efforts to reduce disparities by focusing on the specifics of each objective and the leading indicators. This is accomplished by taking the objective/goal and putting it against the health disparity to discover how the disparity will affect the overall goal. In many of the healthy people goals, they already show how the disparity affects the goal. By taking a closer look at these disparities, we can find a way to reduce or eliminate them completely while still accomplishing the baseline that the goal originally focuses on.

While I still have a long way to go before I start my pre-capstone and capstone courses, I would like to find a mentor in the hospital setting, as that is where I would essentially see myself working. Since I already have a degree in Respiratory Therapy, I would see myself focusing on this area. I also think I would like to focus my project on the side of quality care, as many patients in the ICU/CCU sometimes experience less than adequate quality of care during times of short staffing.

3. Michelle Gibson posted Mar 4, 2019 1:58 PM

3. If I could build my own health care system, I would have a mobile system to visit and care for chronic patients. In my time working at the hospital repeat patients due to not complying the way they should is the main issue. I would have students working in smaller clinics to help their skills as well as lower the cost for the patient. Also, more information needs to be provided to the patient and family about what a DNR, DNI and so forth are. The ICU is regularly overloaded with patients who’s family cannot let them go yet, or do not know the patient’s wishes. These costs are outrageous and many times the family that can’t make the choice are not the ones paying! Requiring illness education and responses for each patient would help with their own care as well.

How this all would be paid for is a much trickier question. I believe healthcare cost are extreme and also an extreme hit to our government. People who receive Medicaid should have to do some sort of volunteer service for this. At times it is very frustrating that working people pay so much for healthcare, then have high deductibles and copays and other get it all for free. Some payment should be expected from all. Higher health incentives, for quitting smoking or a tax break for no hospital admissions may be helpful as well. If students where used more, the cost would go down as well. Maybe have one doctor oversea or be an advisor for 10 students.

Healthy People 2020 Retrieved March 4, 2019, from www.HealthyPeople.gov

4. Kristin Michaels posted Mar 4, 2019 12:17 AM

4. In my mind I feel like everyone wants just a health care system that works for everyone and is able to access it easily. A health care that is cost efficient is also at the top of everyone’s list. So a cheap and readily available health care is what I would make happen. Now this is all easier said than done. How can we afford this? Ideally, we could have a government run system or single-payer system where everyone has equal access and all costs are covered by the government. That is not the case though because this would surely raise the taxes. In countries like Canada, Great Britain, and Germany they all have Universal healthcare concepts and I think I like the idea of those better than the US health care system.

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