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Evaluation of Twelve Angry Men

12 Angry Men paper

  1. Compare and contrast what took place in the movie with what is known about jury deliberations and decision-making in the real world (from research on actual juries and simulated ones). Focus on either (1) the role of eyewitness testimony or (2) minority influence. This assignment requires you to think about how the evidence from research studies about group process and jury decision making is consistent or inconsistent with the movie.

  2. For example, you might include something like: “Research studies by Loftus (1978; 1979) that . . . [you explain the study] showed that eye-witness testimony can be very inaccurate. This appeared to be the case in the film as well, as indicated by . [you explain incident in film].” When you refer to a study in your paper, refer to it in the form: Myers and Kaplan (1969) [include the last names of authors and date of publication]. A bibliography for this paper is not necessary, as I know the studies you will be citing.
  3. Max of 3 page paper, double-spaced–please attach a word file in the Assignments areaAs I indicated in the Paperwriting PowerPoint, opinion is the weakest form of evidence. Therefore, you should not be quoting summaries of studies from the textbook–you should be citing specific studies and explaining how they do or do not relate to the film

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