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Learning theories discussion

Behaviorist Learning Theory
Cognitive Learning Theory
Social Learning Theory
Psychodynamic Learning Theory
Humanistic Learning Theory

In this module you have been reading about various learning theories. This is where you will share your discussions on the subject.

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Learning theories discussion
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1. Think of an educational lesson you could use to teach staff or patients regarding how to manage a disease (i.e., diabetes, asthma, sickle cell, etc.). In at least 300 words, identify the learning theory you would use to teach this lesson, and describe an activity you would use to try to teach them this lesson as well as motivate them to participate. Use the language of the theory (for example, stimulus, response, schema, short term memory, discover, etc.). Cite and reference any resources used in the example.

2. Convince me (compare/contrast) why this learning theory is better than one of the other theories (provide the name of that theory) to teach your lesson, and name one of the theorists associated with the learning theory you chose.

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