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The Communication (COM) Research


The Communication (COM) Research Assignment has two purposes:

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The Communication (COM) Research
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To help students understand the research process as they learn how to use library to locate a variety of resources.
To help students evaluate the credibility and usability of resources for at least one of the COM speeches (either informative or persuasive.)
In this document you will:

List FIVE sources related to your speech topic in MLA format.Use a variety of sources (books, eBooks, magazines/journal articles, news articles and no more than one website) from the library but at least one source has to be a book or eBook.
If a book/eBook cannot be found, please discuss with your instructor.
Evaluate each source. (This should be a minimum of a paragraph – answering each of these questions.)
Relevant to your topic?From an author who is knowledgeable about the topic?From a source that is well-respected (like the New York Times, the U.S. Government, or Yale University)?Current enough?
Cite the source. Give the MLA complete citation
Orally cite the source. How would you orally cite the source in a presentation?
Is this source a good choice for your speech?Why or why not?Is the information you’re finding:

“In their August 2009 article from Personnel Psychology, Julie McCarthy and Richard Goffin explain that applicants with high levels of social anxiety are perceived as less socially attractive and less intelligent.”

Save the document and submit it to your instructor!
I also attached file how to write this paper as well.

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