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Organizations virtual astronomical talks

During the semester various colleges, universities, and other organizations will have virtual astronomical talks. For extra credit, you will need to attend one of the talks and write a minimum 1 page typed report (double spaced and 12 point font maximum) and it will need to include the following: name of object(s) or topic(s) discussed, a summary of the topic(s) discussed with a description of our current scientific knowledge of the object(s) or topic(s), how does the topic relate to what we have discussed in class, a description of what you learned, and your opinion of the talk. Be sure to submit proof of your attendance. The ticketis worth 5 points and the paper is worth 5 points for a possible 10 points and both need to be submitted to Canvas by Friday, November 27th at 11:59 P.M.

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Organizations virtual astronomical talks
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