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Math Research Paper

As a result of AB705, the math department has created support courses for three entry-level transfer math courses: Math 021 (Support for Plane Trigonometry), Math 035 (Support for College Algebra), and Math 042 (Support for Elementary Statistics with Probability). These support courses are designed to provide just-in-time math remediation coupled with study skills and mindset work. Research shows that these support courses can be very effective in assisting students to be successful in their transfer-level math course.   Below are two resources to help with your write up. Embedded Tutor Orienation .pdf Actions Embedded Tutoring Faculty Guide.pdf Actions ______________________________________________________________- Assignment Use the material above to write a research paper highlighting a consequence of new legislation AB 705, embedded tutoring. Requirements double spaced, 1 inch margins, at least 2 pages Mention of AB 705 and what this is trying to accomplish Description of embedded tutoring at DVC, from the perceptive of a student and Professor Original analysis/opinion   Here are some motivating questions to help you brainstorm. What is the purpose of AB 705. What is it trying to accomplish? What classes have support classes? What is a support class? What role does an embedded tutor have in the classroom? What are good practices? In what ways is embedded tutoring better than tutoring at a center? How does this impact the students? How does it impact the surrounding community?   You will receive 3 Hours-by-Arrangement for this paper. There are 12 totoal HBA. Originally this assignment was going to include self-paced. Not enough information was readily available to pass on to you. Therefore, this assignment will only cover embedded tutoring.

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Math Research Paper
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