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Performance Appraisal Activity

You are preparing a performance appraisal for one of your employees. This employee is a delivery driver. Below is the “Job Summary”, “Responsibilities and Duties”, and “Minimum Qualifications” you obtained from this position’s current job description.

Job Summary

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Performance Appraisal Activity
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The delivery driver processes and delivers materials, equipment and/or supplies to all campus locations. This position is based on the Dairy Creek Campus, but deliveries are made to all organization locations.

Responsibilities and Duties

  1. Sorts, loads, transports and delivers materials, equipment and/or supplies to various locations throughout the college district within a specific time frame.
  2. Performs and schedules preventive maintenance (i.e., oil changes, chassis lubrication, bulb/fuse/wiper replacement, etc.).
  3. Operates forklift, pallet jack and/or hand truck for heavy lifting and large deliveries.
  4. Follows safety procedures at all times and uses proper lifting techniques to ensure personal health and safety.
  5. Completes hazardous chemical awareness program and maintains up-to-date knowledge regarding safe transport and handling of chemicals and other potentially hazardous substances.
  6. Maintains a clean and safe work environment. Follows safety procedures to ensure personal health and safety as well as the safety of others.
  7. Performs other related duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications

  1. High school diploma or equivalent.
  2. Six months of experience making deliveries and sorting materials for routing or filling orders.
  3. Ability to organize and schedule work to established, strict timelines with minimum supervision.
  4. Ability to comprehend various regulations/policies and communicate to those who are unfamiliar with them.
  5. Valid driver’s license to operate a motor vehicle in the state and an acceptable driving record.
  6. May be required to obtain forklift driver certification soon after hire.






TASK 1 (30 points)

Create a sample of a Job Appraisal for the delivery driver (no need to include a “header”). In your sample appraisal, appraise at least three Responsibilities and Duties (do note that some Responsibilities and Duties may have to be “broken down” for a clearer appraisal) using the formats below. You can choose the three duties to be the same or different for each format.

  1. a) categorical/checking scaling method
  2. b) graphing scaling method
  3. c) BARS method

TASK 2 (20 points)

Suppose you were to do a MBO performance appraisal for the delivery driver. You are preparing this quarter’s performance objectives to be discussed during your initial meeting with the employee. Write at least one SMART performance objective for each main job responsibility/duty (except for the ones shown in the examples below). Your performance appraisal for this employee will mostly depend on the assessment of these performance objectives.

  1. Performs and schedules preventive maintenance.

SMART objective: By Oct. 31, complete inventory of department vehicles and create

an Excel spreadsheet to schedule and track completion of preventive maintenance,

indicating due date, completion date and responsible party.

  1. Completes hazardous chemical awareness program…

SMART objective: Attend and complete (with a minimum grade of C) the

Hazardous Chemical Awareness class at the community college during spring

semester of 2009.

TASK 3 (5 points)

The checklist below contains some important information to consider when planning a performance appraisal with your employees. Mark each checkbox as shown in the first suggestion (yes, that is all).

Do you know your employee?

☒ Length of service with the organization

☐ Date of last promotion

☐ Experience and educational level

☐ Current projects employee is working on

☐ Career goals

Interview checklist: Do you have?

☐ Employee job description

☐ Attendance records

☐ Salary and job grade information

☐ History of employee’s training

☐ List of training courses available and appropriate for this employee

☐ Previous performance appraisal documents

☐ Completed performance appraisal form

☐ Recent examples of employee’s work (if appropriate)

☐ Examples of work problems you want to discuss (if appropriate)

☐ Other items appropriate to this employee

Are you ready? Have you:

☐ Notified the employee of the interview time? Give the employee at least one or two weeks’  notice.

☐ Given the employee the opportunity to mention important points to be considered for the performance appraisal?

☐ Reviewed your ratings with a peer or with HR before the interview if needed?

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