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Police trainer evauation

evaluate a police officer which is a Field Operator Trainer (Ebony Robinson) and her team Gray Days. Ebony is patient, caring and she ensures her trainees have what they need to move forward to the next trainer. Cpl. Robinson shows excitement when teaching.  Gray Days, they are awesome. They are like a family. Gray Days are always ready to work.  They back up each other and immediately treated me like I was part of the family. I can say the entire team has thought me something and is very knowledgeable. If I asked a question and they didn’t know the answer they would make sure we had an answer before the shift was over.  No matter what the situation may be or what a subject is accused of, they are always respectful and they treat them fairly.  The way this team assists the community is awesome.  I really appreciate Cpl. Robinson and everything she has taught me. I have nothing but good things to say about Gray Days

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Police trainer evauation
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