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Validation Essay

The final assignment in the course is to revisit the Week One Writing Sample (also called the Validation Essay) you produced during the first week and use what you have learned about writing this course to revise, edit, and rewrite that essay for a final submission.  You will use the essay written in week one as if it were a rough draft.    *****BELOW IS MY PREVIOUS ESSAY THAT NEEDS TO BE REWRITTEN FOR THIS****** TOPIC FOR ASSIGNMENT WAS- Responsibility is a word we all hear a lot. For some, it is just a word, but as you enter college, you must take responsibility more seriously. Think about the differences between college and your life outside of college. What specific responsibilities do you see that you need to take seriously to succeed in college? What responsibilities outside of college may interfere with your college responsibilities? What plan can you devise to help you manage your responsibilities and succeed in college?  ****original essay exactly as it was submitted**** Responsibilities: College and Beyond College is a life altering level of responsibility for those that are ready and willing to commit. When a person makes the decision to pursue a journey of higher education they are already openly dedicating themselves to many responsibilities that are required in order to obtain their goal. In regards to this commitment, I do not believe that their are that many differences in the level of responsibilities between the acts of going to college and living your everyday life, simply minor variations in the details.  The amount of dedication and purpose it may take a person to hold employment, care for their family, pay their expenses, along with pursuing any hobbies they may have is the same drive that is also needed to succeed in their college education. When events arise from your outside college world, causing you to adjust your priorities, you do so to the best of your ability with responsibility in mind. I have learned so far that the best course of action when in doubt is opening the line of communication between your professors and helpful peers. Especially if you find yourself in need of help or struggling. If your falling behind or failing, its your responsibility to make sure you receive the help you need in order to do better.  I am not confident in stating their may be any one “best plan” to help manage responsibilities if you feel college is the route you want to take. There are so many different ways people learn, retain knowledge, as well as good old fashioned learning experience that can contribute to how people may manage. I do however, feel that you at least have a basic understanding of the new and expected responsibility levels upon starting your school venture. For me, it comes down to I enjoy and want to go through college. My mindset has already given me a head start over the more difficult thought processes that come along with things like trying to get through something you probably did not want to do anyway. Having a set schedule or dedicated amount of time set aside for schooling is a must, but also is also learning to control the anxiety that will come along when something does interfere with that alloted time. You will learn to communicate, adapt, and overcome accordingly.  I wish with everything I am that I would have been able to write all this same information when I was younger and went straight into college. There are some very fortunate young adults who will get fortunate enough to learn all these lessons about college, life, and the responsibilities that naturally come along with, at a much younger age than I was. I was not one of those young adults then, so I certainly am not now, however, I have the unique opportunity to approach college responsibilities with a deeper level of appreciation and understanding seeing as I am a late bloomer with a surplus of life experience. In short, I enjoy the pressure I sometimes feel, truly happy to be here, and I hope the every college student can come to a point in their academic career where they might feel the same. Our responsibilities are what shape and make us, on and off the campus!

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Validation Essay
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