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casual Analysis

Outline: Introduction: History of your field and the progression of the demand/need or your profession. Thesis about 3-5 hardships relevant to one aspect of your career field because of COVID. (i.e. Relevant to education—as a college professor, I would explore the decline of student enrollment,the HBCU relief bill, and student recruitment as a thread of my career for this research). Body: Research and explain how your field has been overall impacted by the pandemic. Describe3-5 areas using justifiable research. Please note that your essay does not need to focus on the economic hardship relevant to money, but could, for example, discuss cultural issues, environment issues, social issues, emotional issues, etc. Each area should be the title of a heading. See examples.Conclusion: Projection of the future of your career field and offer feasible recommendations. Consider unemployment rates, demands, possible changes in policies or protocols, delivery

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casual Analysis
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