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Course Review Paper

This approximately 10-page paper (~ 3,000 words) should be an academic but personalized account of what you learned in the course and how you reacted to that learning experience. Put in the form of two questions, the topic of the paper is: 1) What did you learn in the course? and 2) What do you make of it? The paper you compose should provide a sense of how your perspective on the central course topics developed throughout the course: what your perspective/knowledge was at the beginning of the course, and how it developed throughout the course. By discussing how your perspective developed during the course you in turn will discuss course material. Yet, while you certainly need to do this, I am NOT looking for “the course material” in your paper. As stated, this is an academic but personalized account: While a fairly wide range of course material should be addressed (not, for example, a single week’s material), you will be selecting the materials most meaningful to you.  There are many different kinds of learning. This paper seeks to encourage the kind that makes learning an independent, and even fun, activity: the kind wherein you encounter knowledge, develop a perspective on it, and in developing that perspective, make the knowledge your own. As noted on the Course Syllabus, the best way to have done this would have been to have taken notes and composed sentences/paragraphs each week on key facts, concepts, and arguments, and what you thought about these. If you did that, great: you should be in a good position to turn these notes into the course review paper. If you didn’t do this, that’s okay: you need to review the material for the final exam anyway; start doing so now, and in so doing, construct a plan to write the course review paper. Please note that I am not looking for, nor do I want, a week-by-week summary of the course. I don’t want you to construct a paper that says “In the third week, we … Then in the fourth week, we … Then in the fifth week, we …” Instead, draw on course materials throughout the semester to discuss what you learned about gender, race, class, and crime. As stated above, write a paper that makes the course material your own, which includes articulating your perspective on it. What I mean is this: Avoid writing a paper that says only what you think I want you to say. Avoid writing a paper that tries to cover everything in the course. Yes, worry about addressing course material, but don’t worry about saying what you think I want you to say, and don’t worry about trying to address everything. Maybe you want to focus on race, class, or gender when writing your course review paper; that would work. Maybe you want to focus on the most important concepts you encountered in the course, organizing your discussion of the course material around those concepts; that would work, too. Maybe you want to take some other approach, but you’re not sure it’s okay—if so, just e-mail me your idea, and we can talk it over. You might think of the task as writing an interesting-to-read report on your experience in a foreign land, with a focus on what you learned there. But in this case the foreign land is ADMJ 1242: Gender, Race, Class, and Crime.

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Course Review Paper
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