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Deadline 11/24/20 Discussion Board Forum Instructions You will compose an original post presenting your own interpretation of the assigned prompt, writing at least 1000 words, then, you will post replies of 300–350 words to at least 2 other students’ original threads. Each reply must be unique.  In this course, Discussion Boards Forums play an exceptionally important role. The readings are relatively short to allow for substantial reflection, personal research, and quality discussion to occur. Consider these threads and replies to be formal communications on the same level as those you would conduct with employers, clients, or colleagues in the professional, political, or academic world. As such, they must be free of grammatical errors, must be properly formatted in current Turabian style, and must consist of well-reasoned, contemplative, and substantive posts and replies, rather than mere ipse dixit. These threads and replies must provide citations to the sources of or support for your ideas as well as any quoted materials and/or borrowed ideas. ⦁ Overview The fifth week of the course focuses on Early Reformed Christian Natural Law theory, especially in the ideas of Luther and Hooker for Christian kingship separated from papal influence.  These theories were indispensable to the formation of Natural Law conceptions in the modern nation state system. ⦁ Learning Outcomes Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to: ⦁ Discuss the subject matter of Early Reformed Christian Natural Law. ⦁ Evaluate the Reformed Christian idea of Christian kingship separated from papal influence as another example of covenantal statesmanship. ⦁ Characterize the development of Natural Law ideas by Luther and Hooker. Narrated PowerPoint Presentation: Early Reformed Christian Natural Law: Luther and Hook

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