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Is the Cosmological Argument “sound”? | Homework Help

NB: this is one-paragraph description of what the essay
is concerned with by you as the author of the essay

1  of the 3 questions for you to choose one from:

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Is the Cosmological Argument “sound”? | Homework Help
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The final essay with unweighted 10 credit points (to be graded

in the 2nd group) is the platform where you get to exercise your
logical acumen and thinking abilities at the end of the course.
That is the ultimate purpose for the study of “informal” logic,
where there has to be a common substantive philosophical inquiry.
As might have been suggested along the way, given what we have
treated ourselves with Edutainment, it is concerned with the extent
to which a logical thinking can be applied to one of the most
vexing questions of human existence.

The object of subject matter in logic is “argument” defined as a
body of thoughts to be expressed in a structure, where the
conclusion is a function of the premises with the inference in the
middle. Our formal exercises with proof is a rigorous procedure to
ascertain only validity as a part of soundness; now you shall get a
chance to be thinking about argumentation with the whole ideal
properties by writing an essay on a substantive question that you
get to choose within an area.

Thus this final essay requirement can be met by submitting a
“substantive term paper” on one of the 3 questions posed below. The
Question 1 below is directly related to the theme of the
Edutainment; but there are also for two more questions as
alternatives; all in all, you have 3 questions to choose from.

Reading materials (5 pieces, from A to E) are attached to this
email; they are selected for readability and manageability; but you
don’t have to confine yourself to them, as you may look into any
other materials deemed as relevant.

Here are the three questions:

Question 1:

Is the so-call “Problem of Evil” strong enough to
dismantle the theistic view of the world? Is any of
“theodicies” convincing enough to uphold it?

Reading A…St. Thomas, Summa Theologica, Q.2,
esp., 3rd Article, Obj. 1 (p.5) & Reply (p.7)

Reading B…Zagzebski, “The Problem of Evil”

For those who might be more interested in rather “positive”
arguments for the Existence of God, as opposed to the above
defensive apologetic argument, here are two other alternatives:

Question 2:

Is the Cosmological Argument “sound”?
If so, how? If not, why not?

Reading A…St. Thomas, Summa Theologica, (the same one)
esp., “5 Ways” (pp. 5-6)

Reading C…Moreland, “The Kalam Cosmological Argument”

Question 3:

Is the Teleological Argument “sound”? Is it augmented
by modern sciences, especially “Anthropic” principle?

Reading D…Paley, “Natural Theology”

Reading E…Schlesinger, “Corroboration from Contemporary

4. on Assignment [11]…[A + B] due by next Thurs., 04-12

The Assignment [11] is to get you prepared for the term paper by
asking you to submit the followings, [A + B]:

1. Abstract (tentative working version)

2. Bibliography (tentative working version; no need to be
extensive; the list of a few materials interesting to you
would suffice; it would include the provided materials or

Of course, these tentative working versions will become finalized
in the term paper to be submitted later on May 5th along with the
main text of the essay.

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