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Global health: innovative programs and new technologies

Presentation directions:

Find an online or print story, or an audio story that discusses global health (innovative programs, new technologies, etc.). This must come from a current event news source (not an academic journal article, but something from the news media). A “current” news story is one that has been published within the last 12 months. News stories must take place outside of the continental United States.
You must submit the entire content (title, author, source, date of publication) of the current event news story in a Word document. If you do not submit a Word document, it will be an automatic 50% deduction.
Online – copy content from the website and paste into a Word document
Print – scan a copy for submission
Audio story/podcast – provide the title, author, date of publication, and link to access the audio story/podcast in a Word document
Submit your current events news story Word document and your video presentation.
How you will be graded

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Global health: innovative programs and new technologies
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5 points – present on appropriate day and submit article prior to presentation.

5 points – relevance of article; does the article adequately address a global health issue, concern, solution, innovative program, etc.

10 points – brief presentation on article must include the following elements:

Title, author, source, date of publication
Brief summary of article with any highlights (statistics or quotes)
Your thoughts and general perception of the content
This will be graded as a formal presentation. Students should be adequately prepared in advance and able to discuss content thoroughly. Reading directly from the page without a prepared presentation will result in loss of points.

Note: Sharing of the same news story with each other is not allowed. If this is found to be the case, it will be addressed according the School of Nursing and Health Studies Honor Code.

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