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The High Renaissance

The High Renaissance is often described as a period in which artists produced works of perfection, works that represent the absolute height, and nature, and detail of how they could possibly be conceived. While this is a notion that has been and can be defended, for your module 5 paper I would like you to turn this completely around and select a work of High Renaissance art and focus in your paper on something that is not perfect about that work, that shows or represents some aspect or idea that is non-idyllic. What I’d like you to do is make the argument in your paper for why that aspect of imperfection actually opens up or points to a significant meaning or interpretation that you would bring to that work of art. In other words, demonstrate in your two-page paper for your reader that we have long overlooked something less than “perfect” about a particular High Renaissance work that actually helps us see and understand it in a new and perhaps better or more contemporary way.

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The High Renaissance
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