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Apartheid south africa

Details: For Project 3, you had the choice of three tools to use—Prezi, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word—to
develop a multimedia presentation about historical lenses and the value of studying history. Now that
it is almost time for you to submit your presentation, take a moment to review this document and
make sure that you are ready to go.
Submission Checklist
No matter the format of your multimedia presentation, you should check that:
 The text in your presentation is free of errors related to:
o Citations
o Grammar
o Spelling
o Syntax
o Organization
 The layout of your presentation looks professional and is easy toread.
 Your presentation responds to the critical elements in the Project 3 rubric.
 Your presentation meets the Guidelines for Submission in the Project 3rubric.
 Your presentation includes sufficient visuals and/or audio elements to engage youraudience.
 The audio for your presentation is working when you viewit (if you have included audio
Submission Tips
After completing the submission checklist, read the tips for uploading and submitting your multimedia
presentation in Brightspace based on the tool you used to create your presentation.


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Apartheid south africa
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