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Critical analysis essay

Please turn in through the Turnitin link on Cougar Course .
Instructions: There are two required (2) Essay Questions that you must answer completely and accurately.
1)To accomplish this, you must support your points with specific examples from the course material.
2) Please do not summarize the material. You are synthesizing your points into a critical analysis to demonstrate your understanding.
3) The length of your response will vary because you all have different styles of writing. I imagine that each essay response will be somewhere between 300-400 words to completely answer the question.
4) Use which ever formatting style you have been taught to use by your discipline.

Essay #1
At the beginning of the course we were introduced to the basic core concepts of anthropology. One of the concepts was “culture.” Please define this concept and discuss the main points that Bodley (author of our textbook) uses to make the argument that because “human problems are rooted in culture, it will require thinking culturally to make the changes necessary for our survival as a species.” In other words, why can we not simply innovate our way out of environment crises? Please use several specific examples from course material in support of your points.

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Critical analysis essay
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Essay #2

Bodley, using the ecobiopolitical approach, has made the argument that although the human species has faced crises in the past we have found ways to overcome those environmental challenges. However, we met those challenges usually in local environments with smaller populations. He further argues that we cannot continue to do so because the nature of the crises has fundamentally changed in two ways: 1) the scale 2) the spread of capitalism globally. Thinking with a connection to Patterson’s discussion on the rise of industrial capitalism, the central logic of capitalism of perpetual economic growth, and the global culture of consumption discuss why a sustainable biosphere is not compatible with these fundamental changes in global environmental crises. How does the documentary “The Albatross” illustrate this argument? Please use specific examples from course material to support your points.

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