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Principles of Effective Occupation,


Principle of Effective Occupation, BerlinConference,  Jameson Raid, Lord Milner, George Goldie, Royal South African Company, Samori Turi, Pan-Africanism, Kimberley, Witwatersrand, Theophilus Shepstone, Cecil Rhodes, Paul Kruger, Cetswayo, Leander Jameson, Treaty of Vereeniging, Lord Milner, Battle of Isandlwana, Mamluks, Afrikaner Bond, Battle of Isandlwana, Pretoria Convention, Jameson Raid, Dahomey Amazons, Frederick Lugard, Bhambatha Rebellion, Native’s Land Act


 Review Essay

  1. Construct an essay discussing the impact of the South African mineral revolution. Focus your attention on the economy (domestic and foreign), labor, colonialism, and emerging racial policy. What do you consider to have been the most enduring impact of the mineral discovery in the region?
  2. Compare and contrast the systems of “direct” and “indirect rule” used by colonial administrations in Africa. Focus your attention on the objectives, methods, impact, and legacy of those policies. Be sure to use specific examples in your discussion.
  3. Assume you are invited to give a lecture on the history of African between 1850 and 1900. Identify and discuss four themes you will emphasize and justify your selection. Be sure to use substantial historical arguments to support your arguments.
  4. Assume you are asked to teach History of Africa from pre-history to 1900, list and annotate at least 10-12 topics on which you will focus. Arrange the topics either chronologically or thematically. Suggest FOUR sources you will use for the class.
  5. Discuss fully the reasons for the European conquest of Africa by 1900. Why did conquest take place so quickly? You must substantiate your comments with specific examples.


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Principles of Effective Occupation,
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