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Soft selling and business profitability

Soft selling occurs when a buyer is skeptical of the usefulness of a product and the seller offers to set a price that depends on realized value. For example, suppose a sales representative is trying to sell a company a new accounting system that will, with certainty, reduce costs by 20%. However, the customer has heard this claim before and believes there is only a 50% chance of actually realizing that cost reduction and a 50% chance of realizing no cost reduction.
Assume the customer has an initial total cost of $300.
According to the customer’s beliefs, the expected value of the accounting system, or the expected reduction in cost, is ______
Suppose the sales representative initially offers the accounting system to the customer for a price of $45.00.
The information asymmetry stems from the fact that the (Sale Rep or Buyer ?) has less information about the efficacy of the accounting system than does the (Sale Rep or Buyer ?) . At this price, the customer ( will not or will ?) purchase the accounting system, since the expected value of the accounting system is (greater or less ?) than the price.
Instead of naming a price, suppose the sales representative offers to give the customer the product in exchange for 50% of the cost savings. If there is no reduction in cost for the customer, then the customer does not have to pay.
True or False: This pricing scheme worsens the problem of information asymmetry in this scenario.

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Soft selling and business profitability
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