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Subject educational progress

Post A
You made an agreement with your friend,that you made toward your educational goal, to get an Undergraduate degree
Your Task. In memo format (several templates can be found in Word) write a progress report that fulfills your promise to describe your progress toward your educational goal. Address your progress report to your parents, spouse, partner, relative, or friend. In your memo (a) describe your goal; (b) summarize the work you have completed thus far; (c) discuss thoroughly the work currently in progress, including your successes and anticipated obstacles; and (d) forecast your future activities in relation to your scheduled completion date.
a. get Undergraduate degree on time( one year)
b. finish classes, finding internships,
c. Need to do some exercise, to get more pounds, learn cooking skill
d. Want to go to PricewaterhouseCoopers to learn more things

The memo should be in narrative form. You will be assessed on your ability to organize your information, your ability to get your message across, and your grasp of the English language. Keep in mind that business writing is purposeful, concise, audience-oriented, and usually informative.(PS do not use real address or name or things.)

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Subject educational progress
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This memo should be formatted as follows:
• Left and right margins should be 1.25”
• Font should be Arial 12 pt.
• Standard spacing (double space guidewords and single space body of memo)
• Length should be no more than 2 pages
• Headings/subheadings should be used as appropriate to the memo content

Post B
Read the attached Case Study, Home Depot Implements Stakeholder Orientation, then thoroughly answer the questions at the end of the document. Please open DOC 2

Please follow these basic guidelines as grades are based on how well the student complies with following these instructions:
• Responses must be organized and identify clear headings (i.e. Question #1, Question #2, etc.)
• Each response is to demonstrate comprehension of the subject matter
• The responses clearly relate to each question and are to include supporting details and/or examples
• Provide personal perspective and position, when necessary
• Answers should objectively reflect upon own analysis of the Company’s corporate strategy
In addition, the Case Study Paper requires well-constructed paragraphs, using proper grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, etc. (please use Grammarly on this assignment). Must be no less than one and a half (1 1/2) full double-spaced pages, but no more than three (3) pages long. Either 11-point or 12-point font size throughout is acceptable. Please cite all sources used for your paper (there are a number of sources identified at the end of the attached case study document for your consideration). It could be helpful for you to review the Home Depot website before answering the Case Study questions.

Post C
Please describe both an unethical and ethical event in the business world and how you feel toward these events.
Please describe Bribe and Integrity
No more than 2 pages

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