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Rules and Helpful Hints for Writing POMS

POMS (Points of Most Significance)

 There is a reading set assigned for each POM. Discussion board post and two responses .) POMS are inspired by an individual reading the set and represent what you think are the most important points made by the authors of a given paper set. Your POMS statements must be carefully written and thoroughly reviewed for clarity and for sense (a matter of whether the statement says what you want it to say and how clearly you have said it).

3 POMS will be written each week regarding each reading set. All 3 POMS will be submitted as an assignment

You will choose one POMS to post to the Canvas discussion board and then review and discuss the POMS of a minimum of 2 of your classmates. Your one POM will be posted to the discussion board

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Rules and Helpful Hints for Writing POMS
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Rules and Helpful Hints for Writing POMS

Rule 1: Each individual POMS statement is to be no more than 30 words long. I will count.

Rule 2: State the author’s last name and paper number(s)to make your point (These names and numbers will not be counted for the 30 words maximum).  [ Ex: (McComas, 2.1)]

Rule 3: Where possible, cite the authors (by using paper numbers rather than APA style) who support or refute a position with which you would like to draw comparisons or conclusions.

Rule 4: POMS should be submitted on a single page. Put your name in the top right corner and the readings set related to the POMS in the top left corner of the page.

Rule 5:When writing a POM you must include multiple authors within the POM. It is all about understanding relationships.

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