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Discuss your leadership style.

List the strengths and weaknesses of that style.
Identify your approach to change management.
Identify the change that you would like to see in your chosen organization. Explain why this change is beneficial to your organization.
Define 1 theory that you have identified through your research that appeared in at least 2 of the articles on positive change within those organizations. (Phase 1)
Describe why the changes were successful.
Identify the individuals within your organization who you feel would be assets for your proposed change. (Phase 2)
What role would these individuals take on in the change process?
Describe how you would obtain a commitment from the individuals who you have identified as assets. (Phase 3)
Discuss 3 potential obstacles to change from within and outside of the organization, and how you would approach removing these obstacles. (Phases 3 and 4)
Provide 5–7 scholarly articles that focus on change theories that are used within organizations and that produced a positive change within those organizations.
Please submit your assignment.

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Discuss your leadership style.
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