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Business process management

What does the term business process mean?

What are three examples of business process from a job you have had or an organization you have observed?

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Business process management
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What is the value in documenting a business process?

What is an ERP System? How does an ERP System enforce best practices for an organization?

What is one of the criticisms of ERP Systems?

What is business process re-engineering? How is it different from incrementally improving a process?

Why did BPR get a bad name?

List the guidelines for redesigning a business process.

What is business process management? What role does it play in allowing a company to differentiate itself?

What does ISO certification signify?


Material: https://opentextbook.site/informationsystems2019/chapter/chapter-8-business-processes-information-systems-introduction/

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Need minimum of 3 APA References

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