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Psychiatric symptoms impact mental health court engagement

The Discussion in each week begins with a Discussion Spark question, a short prompt which allows you to share your thoughts on personal and practical elements of the writing process with your Instructor and colleagues. Respond to the Discussion Spark by Day 2. Your response marks your entrance into this week’s Discussion area. While you are not required to respond to your colleagues’ Discussion Spark responses, you are encouraged to read them.Once you have read your selected resource from the suite of readings on ethics, health, or education, please respond to one of the following case study topics. Be sure to provide attribution for any outside sources, using APA formatting.

 Note: This week, be sure to participate in the Discussion thread based on the case study you selected. You may also read and respond to discussions about other case studies but your main post due on Day 4 should be in the thread related to your chosen case study.

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Psychiatric symptoms impact mental health court engagement
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Case Study 2 (Health): The criminal justice system is seeing an increase in the number of people suffering from mental health illnesses. When a mentally ill person is found guilty of a crime, there is often a decision to be made about whether that person belongs in jail or in a treatment facility. Many argue that forcing involuntary treatment upon those suffering from mental health illnesses is a violation of a person’s civil rights; therefore, when a person is found guilty of a crime that warrants jail time, it does not matter if he/she is suffering from a mental health illness. The person should serve time in jail without being forced to receive mental health treatment. Others argue that those suffering from mental illnesses are unable to make appropriate decisions about seeking treatment on their own; therefore, the judicial system is helping those suffering from mental health illnesses by requiring them to get treatment. Should those suffering with mental health illnesses, who are found guilty of a crime, be forced to receive medical treatment? Why or why not? Write a 250-word persuasive paragraph in support of or in opposition to this issue. When writing your paragraph, consider any one of the articles on health, located in the Week 1 Learning Resources. How might the author’s overall argument within your article choice tie in with this discussion? Make connections within your paragraph.


Psychiatric symptoms impact mental health court engagement …


May 2, 2016  People living with mental illness are overrepresented in the criminal justice system. Interventions to help this population, such as mental health …

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Opioid crisis: Criminal justice referrals miss treatment opportunities …


Dec 4, 2017  The study appears in the December issue of Health Affairs. … the Bloomberg School’s Department of Mental Health and the study’s lead author.

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Conditional release programs often work for criminally insane …


Mental health courts significantly reduce repeat offenses, jail time …


Dec 3, 2015  Mental health courts are effective at reducing repeat offending, and limiting related jail … from jail, instead referring them to community-based treatment programs. The goal is to address the underlying mental health problems that contributed to a crime in order to prevent repeat offenses. … Science & Society.

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Sep 6, 2018  “That means that once you treat the mental illness and take care of … In fact, people with mental illness are the minority of violent offenders or other crime … to general society, they typically are given a conditional release.

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Trustful collaboration critical for outcome of therapy — ScienceDaily


Aug 12, 2020  And it pays to start early in therapya series of meta-studies shows. … is one of the greatest and most stigmatized problems of modern societies. … “Treatments for mental disorders are particularly successful when the therapist … living with mental illness are overrepresented in the criminal justice system.

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