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Scholarly Research Paper on Marijuana legalization

Should the federal government legalize the use of marijuana?
Create a research question you are interested in, conduct the research to answer that question, and write a complete scholarly paper on your question. This paper should contain the following sections:
• An introductory section that explains your research question, your purpose, and how your paper fills a deficiency or gap in the research. Also explain any limitations to your study and how you dealt with any potential ethical issues.
• A section reviewing the current literature on this topic. This section should discuss as least five relevant and current articles related to your research question.
• A section on the methods you followed to perform your research.
• A section on data collection and analysis.
• A section that details your findings.
• A concluding section that evaluates the usefulness of your study and any practical implications it has.

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Scholarly Research Paper on Marijuana legalization
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