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Research Methods. Probability

Please revise this assignment. In the word document you will see that I got some of the answers correct which says 2o f 2 points. for those that I got 0 out of 2 points the answer is wrong. please find the correct answer. I’ve also attach a copy of the multiple choice options for some of those questions. If you require any other information please feel free to ask.

I would like for you to correct the incorrect answers and answer all the other questions

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Research Methods. Probability
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for example

Two studies are described for which you have been provided data in a dataset. For each of the studies, please respond to all of the questions. For each question, be sure to

A. A researcher wants to know whether a community’s high school graduation rate is positively associated with the rate of juvenile delinquency in that community. She collects data from 25 communities around the US.

1. What kind of research design is this? (1 pt)

Note: If it’s an experimental or quasi-experimental design, you must also identify whether it’s a between or within-subjects design.

2a. What is Variable 1? (1 pt)

2b. What is its scale of measurement? __(1 pt)

2c. Is it an IV, Predictor, DV or Criterion? _____________(.5 pt)

3a. What is Variable 2? (1 pt)

3b. What is its scale of measurement? (1 pt).

3.c. Is it an IV, Predictor, DV or Criterion? (.5 pt)

4.a What is the null hypothesis? _(1pt)

4b. What is alternate hypothesis 1? (1 pt)

4c. What is alternate hypothesis 2? __ (1 pt)

5. What statistical test do you need to run to test your hypothesis? (2 pts)

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