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The Most Critical Pollutants-discussion question-solutions to global issues

Please respond to the following: The discussion questions given please produce 200 words about each numbered question. please place answers under each bullet point. In Addition a response must be given back (100 words) to the other students Patricia Fleary and Randall Jefferson. offering a substantive comment on that classmate’s position on the issue(s).

In Chapter 6: The Environment – Part I, Hite and Seitz (2016) note that pollution and global warming were an important concern of the first world conference on the environment that was held in Sweden in 1972. Principle 6 of that declaration stated that we must stop the release of pollutants and heat that cannot be effectively processed by our environment (Declaration of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment. 1972. Chapter 11. p. 2. <https://www.ipcc.ch/apps/njlite/srex/njlite_download.php?id=6471>).

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The Most Critical Pollutants-discussion question-solutions to global issues
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1) Thinking about the different types of pollutants and heat that can be effectively processed by our environment, which are the most critical to address?

2) Identify three pollutants you consider to be the most critical to address and explain why you believe they are most important.

Patricia Fleary

RE: Week 8 | Discussion

Modern technology do have the potential to solve global problems or make them worst. It also has the potential to reduce world hunger by helping to increase food production in developing countries. The role of technology in achieving food security implies that all people throughout the world should have access to adequate food. There are new ways being discovered with the use of modern technology, It is the way in which to reduce greenhouse gases emission and manage resource consumption, in a way that is good for the economy and also good for communities and good for the environment. A growing population means increase demands on our health care system ,and our production system including food distribution and modern use of technology

Pollution such as Air, Water, heat and noise pollution can all be caused by producing and using technology. Disrupting ecology that is clearing land, where animals used to live to build factories and allowing pollution to contaminate the food can greatly affect the environment. Technology today can greatly improve or help predict food security. It has been stated that military and global poverty is not always a negative one. The military could often provide humanitarian assistance at times of crises, technology from the military could often help decrease poverty especially in urgent situations. Planes and other transport vehicle’s transport food, construction materials and skill medical assistance and communication could be vital to civilians in regions suffering from conflict of natural disaster.

I do believe that advance in technology pose a direct and indirect treats to the global environment, the advancement of technology encourages society to create and develop easier ways to live and lighten their lives the use of the Internet is a massive source of information that millions of people use and depend on every day for business ans personal use, new technological opportunities creates a demand for new types of services. Their are the two main examples is the introduction of mobile services and the introduction of the world wide web it’s the growing force for mass production all over the world. The indirect use of new technology affect the overall market structure and the level of competition by changing the conditions of supply, which affects the need for regulation. Technology in marketing and distribution is in high usage especially in developing countries.

Do advancements in technology pose any direct and/or indirect threats to the global environment? Choose one advancement and provide two examples of direct or indirect threats in your explanation.
All electronic devices pose both a direct and indirect threat to the global environment. First, most of the devices are made with plastics(which is also a technology) and it is everywhere. It’s not only in the possession of the consumer, but plastics are found in bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, and oceans, in the Artic, on the highest mountains (like Mount Everest), parks, streets, etc… even in our food. It kills the wildlife that eat the plastics such as birds and marine animals. Plastics are recyclable, but not all plastics. Even so, most recyclable plastics are thrown away and buried in the Earth, further poisoning the soil. Some plastics are biodegradable, but some of it will almost last forever. Creating plastics also create harmful by products that can poison and damage the atmosphere, water, and ozone. Electronics also use rare Earth metals such as nickel. The rare Earths are used to make things such as batteries (for devices and hybrids) and are difficult to acquire without harming the environment. Many rare Earths are mined in China and the mining produces many harmful emissions such as solvent vapors, sulfuric acid, and coal dust. These emissions get into the air and the water and kills the wildlife as well as humans.

We create plastics for everything and then we throw it away. Most of the plastic never sees a recycling plant. Some of the recyclables that we toss into a recycling receptacle still ends up at the dump and buried. Computers and TVs are huge electronics that use plastics and rare Earths. But when they break or become obsolete, they are almost never recycled. Fluorescent light bulbs, batteries, and thermometers contain mercury which is toxic to both humans and wildlife. Some new electronics increase the use and disposal of plastics. Keurig coffee makers use a plastic pod that is filled with coffee. Once a person has their cup of coffee, the plastic pod is thrown in the trash. Millions of the cups are thrown away yearly.

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