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Discussion: Reflection

Required Resources Read/review the following resources for this activity:
> Lesson
> Minimum of 2 scholarly sources – the following articles:
Link (library article): Are We Teaching Composition All Wrong?
Link (library article): No, We’re Not Teaching Composition ‘All Wrong’

Apply the following writing resources to your posts: Link (multimedia presentation): Citing References in Text Link (website): APA Citation and Writing

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Discussion: Reflection
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Part 1: Research & Review
Review the two short articles on the pros and cons of revision and peer review listed in Required Resources. As you read, think about your own experience writing and revising essays in this course (and other courses).

Part 2: Application
For the initial post, address the following:
> How did you go about selecting topics for the position papers?
> Reflect upon the research skills you have developed throughout this class. What key takeaways have you learned regarding research strategies?
> Compare your experiences with revision and feedback to those detailed in the Stewart (2016) and Teller (2016) articles. Which stance do you lean towards and why? Did you incorporate changes into your final essay based on your peers’ feedback? If so, please describe the types of changes you made and why you made them. If you did not incorporate changes, please explain why.
Cite your sources in APA format.

Follow-Up Post Instructions
Respond to at least two peers or one peer and the instructor. Do you agree or disagree with your peer’s stance on feedback and revision? Was your experience different or similar? How so? What advice might you give your fellow peers to establish more meaningful feedback?
Note: If you see that someone has already received feedback from two peers, please choose to help a peer who has yet to obtain feedback.
Writing Requirements Minimum of 3 posts (1 initial & 2 follow-up) APA format for in-text citations and list of references

These are the few feedback I received in the past which may help you write this reflection discussion
Final paper feedback (already shown you earlier): “Excellent final pro=con paper. Opposition and rebuttal pattern clear in organization; thesis is solid. APA is good overall for paper format and in-text citations, and tone/language is formal in the pro-con fashion. For the Refs. List, you should italicize journals and volume numbers. You also MUST always include retrieval information. I do not see any for any of your sources. Writing is thorough and sources appear to be credible, but URLs and/or doi #s were required.“

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