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Colorism- What is colorism in today society?

In order to meet the learning objectives for this course, you must create and carry out a research design. This week’s discussion is designed to help you create and narrow an appropriate research question. You should choose a political science topic, narrow it, and create an answerable question, using the guidelines in this week’s module readings and lectures.

Module 2 Discussion
Instructions for this Discussion

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Colorism- What is colorism in today society?
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For this discussion, you will write a 2-3 paragraph post of at least 300 words that:

1. Identifies a research topic and identifies the reasons you find it interesting and important;

2. Narrows and focuses that topic into two alternative research questions;

3. Chooses one of these upon which to focus the research design required for this class.

Then, you should respond to at least one of your classmates’ post with a 100-200 word post that:

1. Assesses the research questions that they proposed and

2. Suggests at least one alternate research question.

This is the post i need the response for:

Colorism- What is colorism in today society? Colorism is very much apart of society today. Colorism is racism within a race. Many do not want to discuss colorism as if it doesn’t exist but it does exist. I think that the word is becoming more common in each US and there is a need to address the behavior of the ones who participate in colorism. Colorism is more defined racism because colorism includes description of some one skin tones. A discrimination against one base on skin tone, shades and etc with one own race.

Colorism is apart of the broad topic racism. Colorism will not go away over night so therefore it is a need to study and discuss the topic. The alternative questions for the topic could possible to, Are colorism and racism connected? Can you be racist towards your own race? Colorism is often a topic that is overlooked in the household because it such a question or topic that hard to define by generations. I believed that the parents refuse to ask questions because they are afraid of what they don’t know, they shouldn’t know so they don’t discuss it. Colorism is sparking questions about race and the different accounts of the people who are apart of the problem and the victim are the people with a lot in common.

Colorism is a very controversial topic. It can clearly be fine but cannot be easy studied because the descriptions of colorism involves the words skin tone, that leave a conversation very open ended. Gaining more and better understanding would require taking time to read and study the material, also ask questions that are consider to be hard, and/or do not be afraid to ask what you do not know. Colorism has been around for many years and the studies shoes that over the last ten years, there has been some attention drawn to the topic. Does Colorism impact or effects one race more than others, I truly believe so only because it exists in every race but one stands out more than others I believe that the race of colors have more trouble with colorism within their race, they receive the lack of support from outside and within the race. The questions can continue and therefore the studies will continue.

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