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Commenting on classmates discussion on Diversity

In response to your peers, provide feedback about their definition of diversity. Compare and contrast your answers and consider the following:

What are the similarities and differences between your peer’s response and yours?
How do the two definitions of diversity help to illustrate how diversity and society are intertwined? How can a perspective through the four lenses help to provide a greater understanding of diversity?

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Commenting on classmates discussion on Diversity
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Classmate # 1 Kati
My name is Kati, I am from a small town in Ohio and I am a Registered Nurse working with individuals with Developmental Disabilities. I am currently working to obtain my BSN and am slated to graduate next July. I absolutely love the job that I am currently working and it is blooming with diversity. Diversity to me, can best be described as a variety. A variety of colors, personalities, beliefs, ethnicities, backgrounds, abilities, etc. I am lucky to work with a wide variety of individuals with a wide range of abilities and disabilities. (I like to focus on the abilities). Working in the DD field can be very trying at times as we have to learn to adapt to many different personalities and problem solve a way to provide the best care for the individuals with the resources and barriers we may encounter along the way. I believe that bettering my understanding of diversity will only allow me to provide better care to individuals and be more understanding of their lives. I look forward to learning more!
Classmate # 2 Madeline

My name is Madeline, I am from a small town in Ohio, and I am currently a Senior majoring in photography, minoring in art history, and I plan to get my masters in historic preservation. I am from a military family and am active in a few veteran organizations, so that work is something I would love to incorporate career wise. In my own words, the term diversity is an overall word that describes differences among a group of people. So diversity, to me, can be anything from race to social status to a set of skills to abilities, to gender, etc. It is a vague term in the sense of the specifics, but basically describes differences in many ways. Diversity impacts my daily life, as it does most people, in many ways…whether you have a certain job where this concept is relevant, even just going to the grocery store shows diversity. I see it in business meetings in the different organizations I am involved it, I see it walking down the street, I see it when photographing various events. My definition is mostly similar with what was in the readings this week, but I am excited to explore it further and learn more about the depths of the concept. Diversity has a pretty significant impact on photography, being able to capture all different types of people allows me to interact with them and grow by experiencing different walks of life. When it comes to the business/organizational/historic preservation/veteran work, diversity is a really important concept because it will be important to think about the benefits and struggles of different types of people, as well as get to interact with different cultures as well. I am really looking forward to this class and exploring all of this further!

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