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BMW Case Study Analysis

We will read several cases in this class. The cases are chosen to highlight different aspects of consumer behavior and their implication for marketing strategy. Recommend a specific plan of action for these firms. Each firm is facing different questions and issues, but the solutions are derived from the same underlying frameworks (consumer behavior principles). Make sure your analyses and recommendations address the problems explicitly mentioned in the case. In addition, your definition of the problem and your analyses may reveal other important issues you believe must be addressed. Your recommended marketing plan should be based on appropriate and defensible analyses. The best write-up will typically consider several strategic alternatives that emerge from the analyses, making a case for why their preferred course of action is the best one to pursue, and then detail that course of action in their target market choice, positioning statement and 4Ps presentation.

Each write-up should be no longer than 4 pages (approximately), excluding exhibits and references.

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BMW Case Study Analysis
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