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The importance of blinding

This week we are exploring the research area of biostatistics where a researcher decides to analyze a specific population of interest where the researcher defines both the population and the objective of the analysis. One common approach is to select a sample of adults in a specific demographic and/or geographic area to assess whether each subject has a specific disease or not. This is known as the field of epidemiology where researchers study health and illness in human populations and disease patterns in efforts to inform the medical community about these populations. Using your understanding of biostatistical research, discuss the importance of blinding, randomization, sample size, population, and sampling in the clinical trial research setting. Explain the importance of sound methodologies in public health research.

Be sure to support your statements with logic and argument, use at least two peer-reviewed articles and cite them to support your statements.

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The importance of blinding
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please include in text citation

reference you can use:

Gromping, U. (2015). Using RStudio for Data Management, Statistical Analysis. Journal of Statistical Software, 68(1), 1-7.‏

Jahan, S., & Al-Saigul, A. M. (2017). Primary health care research in Saudi Arabia: A quantitative analysis. International Journal of Health Sciences, 11(2), 9–15.

Meo, S. A., Hassan, A., & Usmani, A. M. (2013). Research progress and prospects of Saudi Arabia in global medical sciences. European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences, 17(24), 3265-71.

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