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How does technology impact compliance in lifespan management? Provide details.

Second Read and respond to the two of discussion posts listed below. Be constructive and professional with your thoughts, feedback, or suggestions.

1.Health information technology improves the quality of care for patients, prevents medical errors, increase staff competences, and will lower cost. Access, exchange, and use of electronic health information is important for patients to do better in managing their health care needs and to also share information with their providers. Lifespan management team members have the ability to access patients records in seconds. Most patients also have the ability to access their health information in seconds and this is typically done by using an application downloaded on a smart device. While there are so many things patients and providers can benefit from using technology, there are also hackers out there trying to obtain information by any means. Hackers will steal protected health information to commit a medical identity theft. A security breach can have a potential HIPAA fine and also lifespan management agencies will experience damage and loss of patient trust. Lifespan management should be careful about protecting sensitive patient, financial and other data. This can be done by having Information Technology managers. Information Technology refers to the process of making technology work better for lifespan management. Information Technology managers are a part of problem solving and predicting any potential issues or roadblocks. Because keeping electronic health records are important, Information Technology managers are essential. They will use technology advancements to make lifespan management safe.

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How does technology impact compliance in lifespan management? Provide details.
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The Importance of Information Technology Management and Why You Need it for Your Business, (2019). Retrieve from https://responseit.ca/importance-information-techn…

2.Technology impacts everything, whether it is a positive impact or a negative one. When it comes to impacting compliance in lifespan management, there are both positive and negative impacts. With technology comes bigger challenges with the confidentiality of their residents information. If someone logs in to a residents chart and forgets to log and close out of the chart, that leaves it free and open to anyone to be able to see the information within it. Technology increases the likelihood that a residents medical and personal information to be available to anyone and everyone who wants to gain access to it. Also with technology comes the risk of hackers that will use their sources of technology to get into the records and that could end up leading to an increase in the number of identity theft cases. However, there are also positives when it comes to technology such as the ability to access a residents records or chart to make updates on their well-being. It also helps facilities, hospitals, and or doctor offices to all stay on the same page when it comes to the health and treatments of the resident.

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