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Aflatoxin and Gallbladder Cancer

This unit’s assigned reading focuses on chemical-induced mutagens. As you are aware from the reading, not all carcinogens are mutagens. For this assignment, compare and contrast a carcinogen that is a mutagen to a carcinogen that is not a mutagen. Find at least four peer-reviewed journal articles published within the last 7 years that discuss the carcinogens and the cancer that each causes.
Compare the means of exposure of each chemical and the type of cancer each causes. Be sure to integrate the perspective and information gathered from each article into a discussion in your own words.
The Business Source Ultimate database is a good source of journals for safety-related articles from the CSU Online Library.
Your literature review must include the following components:
 an introduction of your topic of choice (include some background information on the origins of exposure and cancer),
 the methods used to search for the articles,
 the results of the articles,
 a discussion and conclusion with your own opinion, and
 APA references and in-text citations for the article.
The literature review must be three to four pages in length and follow APA formatting.

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Aflatoxin and Gallbladder Cancer
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